Top green business ideas for the entrepreneur in you

Green business is the new pathway to a consumer’s heart! Here’s how you benefit from it!

Are you an environmentalist? Do you think global warming is real? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter whether you think it is real or not, some people are extremely worried about the environmental changes over time. People are looking for ways to have their efforts make a change. Here’s how you can be an aid in their journey and earn your living from it.

The ‘bring your own container’ retailer: Are you it?

Lots of green thinkers and minimalists are opting to bring their containers from home while shopping. They do this mainly to reduce plastic waste. This idea of business is catching up quick. There are multiple stores in first world countries, where you get this kind of service. This also helps you sell a lot more, as most customers bring large containers for their monthly pantry fill-up.

Eco-meal caterer: Could this be your thing?

Do you know what’s an eco-meal? Eco-friendly meals are what caterers serve when they term their business as green and local. This means that you serve delicious food made with local, organic ingredients. If you buy directly from local farms, you might even get a really good deal at a low-cost price. This would be a great way for you to cater for vegans, the ones on paleo diets and more organic eaters when they host parties. Guess what? Most of these people prefer expensive but locally grown organic food. The green side of this business is that it doesn’t use ingredients that are brushed and grown with harmful chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertiliser, which can further damage the environment as a whole.

Zero-waste event planner: This is fun and challenging

Do you know how fast the zero-waste community is growing, especially with the idea of minimalism being marketed at a faster pace? Zero-waste lifestyle supports very few non-sustainable elements. People look for zero-waste planners to host weddings, pre-weddings, birthdays and what-not. All you need to remember is that every material used in the wedding has to be as sustainable and re-usable or biodegradable as possible.

Run a secondhand store: It’s not gross, only reusable

Yes, people are fast catching up with the idea of secondhand stores. Yes, there were thrift store concepts before, but this is quite different from that. You can buy items at really cheap prices, but you would have to bear the costs of clean-up and upkeep for those items. You can also order items from various sites which have been rejected and are just sitting there in the warehouse.

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