Top Highest Football Attendance Ever Recorded in the World

For us hailing from the present generation, the figures of yesteryears are simply unbelievable

What is the average attendance in football matches these times? 80,000? 90,000? A little higher? Impressive figures, but these numbers are nothing compared to the yesteryears. In this clickbait, we have compiled a list covering the highest ever football attendance recorded in the world since the inception of the game.

Brazil vs. Uruguay- Held in 1950, the first-ever FIFA World Cup trophy was picked up by South American country Uruguay. Inside the famous Estadio De Maracanã Stadium, 1,99,854 spectators flocked to watch the first-ever FIFA World Cup’s last game. One down in the first half, Uruguay made a quick return in the second with their first goal. With 11 minutes remaining on the clock, Uruguay’s striker Ghiggia scored the second and took the trophy home.

Scotland vs. England- In 1937, Scotland took on England at Hampden Park in the British Championship. On that day, 1,49,415 people reached the stadium to watch the match, even though Wales had already won the tournament prior to the match. As per a report, around 50,000 people from England travelled to Scotland to watch the match. The game ended with a scoreline of Scotland 3-1 England.

Benfica vs. Porto- It is hard to believe that a match from the Primeira Liga had an official attendance of 1,35,000. Played between Benfica and Porto in 1987 at the Estadio La Cuz, this match enabled Benfica to become the champion of the tournament. Benfica scored three goals, whereas Porto ended with one. The match gave Benfica a three-point lead over Porto. Sadly, that Estadio La Cuz is gone and now, the new stadium has a seating capacity of around 65,000.

Mohun Bagan vs. East Bengal- India may not be a major football-playing nation, but it has no dearth of diehard football fans. Especially when it is Mohun Bagan vs. East Bengal; two ancient clubs of the country hailing from the city of Kolkata. The Kolkata derby is one of the fiercest derbies in the world. In the Federation Cup Semi-Final 1997, 1,34,000 spectators watched the match at the Salt Lake Stadium in the Salt Lake neighbourhood of Kolkata.

Real Madrid vs. Juventus- Last but not least, the match between Juventus and Real Madrid in the quarter-finals of the European Cup 1962 saw 1,30,000 spectators at the Santiago Bernabeu. The match was close, but Juventus came victorious with one goal to nil.

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