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Top Long-Range Goals Ever Scored in Football

A shot from nowhere ending in the back of the net is exquisite. 

Football has seen its share of dribblers and players with skill moves who dribble past the defenders to score a goal. There’s plenty of set-piece takers as well who score goals through free-kicks from outside the box. However, long-range shots are exquisite as they are unexpected. These goals appear out of nowhere and end up in the back of the net, shocking the goalkeeper as well as the audience. It is hard to imagine how such goals are scored. It takes a lot of power and technique to put the ball in the net from far away.

Over the last few years, the audience and fans have been extremely lucky to witness a number of such goals. In this article, we are going to remember those goals and the goal scorers.

Asmir Begović

The first player on this list is a goalkeeper. Yes, a goalkeeper! The Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begović scored against team Southampton the longest goal in football history. The goal was scored from a distance of 91.9 meters which earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. The match between the two teams ended in a tie, but it will be forever remembered for this one goal.

Tim Howard

While playing for Everton, goalkeeper Tim Howard scored a merciless goal from his penalty box that flew in safely in the net of Bolton Wanderers. Howard being a humble human, showed true sportsman spirit and did not celebrate the goal as he found the goal to be an embarrassment for the opponent goalie, Adam Bogdan. While speaking to BBC Radio Merseyside about the goal, Howard said, “I was excited to score a goal and I’ve never done that before…I really feel for Adam Bogdan but those things happen and you have to move on from it.”

David Bingham

An 82.2-meters screamer brought David Bingham on this list. Playing for San Jose Earthquakes as a backup goalkeeper, David Bingham scored this outrageous goal against West Brom. In a friendly match at the Buck Shaw Stadium, the rookie astonished the English opponent as the match ended with a 2-1 victory for the San Jose side.

Honourable Mentions (Outfield Players)

  • Xabi Alonso against Luton- 59.5 meters
  • David Beckham against Wimbledon- 50.2 meters
  • Wayne Rooney against West Ham- 50 meters

Charlie Adams against Chelsea- 59.4 meters

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