Top most States to visit in the USA

Are you a travel freak? Then what can be better than kaleidoscopic states of America?

The United States of America is a country of fifty independent states which is located in North America. It is located in the south of Canada and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean in the west and Atlantic Ocean in the east. Each American state is filled with some uniqueness that marks each one different from other. From the beauty of the mountains to the nothingness of the deserts, from the sun kissed beaches to the lively amusement parks- all these you can have in different states of the USA. Some important states that you should not miss while planning a tour to USA, are-


When you want to start a tour in America, Washington can be the best place to start with. The nickname, Evergreen city has come from the abundance of forests especially in Seattle, which is also called the Emerald city. This place is rich with Apple trees that you won’t be able to find at any other states in USA.  On one hand it has parks, volcanoes and idyllic islands and on the other,beautiful coastal forests, farmlands, and hundreds of wineries.


California is famous for its glowing beaches, comfortable weather and largest wine production. So many water parks and Anaheim’s Disneyland Park are also there to enjoy some moments just like a kid. You should not miss the opportunity to visit the corridors of the notorious Alcatraz Island prison. It’s an unforgettable experience.


Florida is an important state surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on most of the sides. Therefore, it is a state of multiple sea beaches where life is actually fun. Miami, a beautiful coastal city, is full of beautiful resorts, glamourous shopping malls, golf courses to entertain the visitors. This sunshine state also has 7000 lakes which we hardly know.

New York

It is a coastal state located in the northeastern part of the USA. As we all know, New York is basically a cosmopolitan city, where you’ll find the glitz and glamour of Manhattan’s high rises, bustling Times Square, and the fresh green walkways of Central Park. We also can’t miss Niagara Falls which is a very important part and parcel of the state.

The USA is not about these few states, other states are equally important. Share your thoughts regarding your favourite state.

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