Top Movies of Al Pacino Where He Gave His Best Performances (Part I)

Al Pacino without a doubt is one of the best actors of Hollywood ever who is famous for doing underworld based roles but his range is much more than playing an underworld don. Here we have created a list of top Al Pacino movies that proves his versatility and you shall binge watch them 

The Godfather

Al Pacino’s portrayal of Michael Corleone remains one of his most iconic and best performances ever. The Godfather part I is one of his earlier movies that bought him in to the limelight.

The Godfather is one of Hollywood’s most iconic movies ever. It’s directed my Francis Ford Copola and it’s based on a book on the same name by Mario Puzo who is also one of the scriptwriters of the movie. The movie tells the story about a mafia family headed by Don Vito Corleone played brilliantly by Marlon Brando. Al Pacino plays Michael Corleone, his youngest son and a naval officer who is not part of his father’s business but circumstances lead him to take the charge of the organization from his father. Al Pacino played the part perfectly showing his transformation being an innocent and vulnerable guy to a ruthless and cold blooded mafia boss by the end.


Another movie where Al Pacino plays a gangster; but his character Tony Montana is quite different from Michael Corleone of The Godfather series. 

Scarface directed by Brian De Palma along with The Godfather and Goodfellas is regarded as best gangster movie ever. Here Tony Montana plays a Mexican immigrant who rises to power from being a immigrant doing odd jobs to sustain himself to a dreaded gangster ruling a mafia organization. He played the character of Tony Montana with required flamboyance and it remains oneof his best performances ever. If you are an Al Pacino fan then you can’t miss this movie at any cost.

Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman is the movie that fetched Al Pacino his first Academy award as the Best Actor.

Al Pacino has always been regarded as a great actor but the Academy Awards always eluded him for reasons unknown and finally he got his first Best Actor Academy Award but many believes that Al Pacino has given better performances in other movies. Nevertheless, he plays the character of Lt. Col. Frank Slade, a former Army officer who was forced to retire after being blinded in an accident. He hires a school student as his assistant and during the course of the movie they learn valuable life lessons and Al Pacino’s performance in the court room scene in the climax shows his range as an actor.

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