Top Movies of Joaquin Phoenix You Shall not Miss (Part I)

Joaquin Phoenix started his acting career in TV serials and he got his first break in movies in the 186 sci-fi movie, “Space Camp’. Since then there was no looking back for him and today he is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his brilliant performance in the Todd Philip movie ‘Joker’, probably the most iconic villain in the history of comic books which Phoenix played brilliantly.

Joker (2020)

Joker is the most famous and iconic character from the DC comics, and Joaquin Phoenix portrayed this iconic character in director Todd Phillips 2020 movie ‘Joker’.  

In 2020, Joaquin Phoenix acted in the movie ‘Joker’ directed by Todd Philip. The movie had a very different take on Batman’s arch-enemy which shows an aspiring standup comedian Arthur Fleck with some mental issues. Joaquin Phoenix is a method actor who prepared himself to play the role of the joker and transformed himself into a tortured and mentally unstable loner. Be it his cackling laughter, awkward grin, and slow-blinking eyes, he completely nailed the character. Phoenix won his first academy award for best actor although he was nominated four times before for the Oscars.

Gladiator (2000)

Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott had Russell Craw in the lead and Phoenix played a negative character in the movie which got him lots of accolades. 

Gladiator was an epic period movie directed by Ridley Scott with Russell Craw in the lead. Richard Harris played the character of Emperor Marcus and Russell Craw played the character of Maximus, a capable warrior and a trusted commander whom the Emperor wants to succeed him as he knows his son, Commodus(Joaquin Phoenix), is unfit to rule. Commodus kills his father and Maximus’ family to become the Emperor. Although Russell Craw was the star of the movie, Phoenix also gave a great performance in a negative role.

Her (2013)

Many consider Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in the 2013 movie ‘Her’ as his best performance and his best film.

Spike Jonze wrote and directed the movie ‘Her’, which many regard as Phoenix’s best movie and acting. It’s difficult to define the genre of the movie which is set in the near future and we can call it a sci-fi romantic movie. In the movie, Phoenix plays the character of Theodore, a very lonely and emotionally constricted man who falls in love with Samantha played by Scarlett Johansson who is an artificial intelligence. Through the movie, the director wanted to say that despite the world being very advanced in technology and in many other aspects, most of the people are lonely and crave love and affection, something that is going to be rare in the future.

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