Top Mrinal Sen movies to watch

The renowned filmmaker who used to romanticize a poverty-striken India that inspired the whole film industry. Mrinal Sen is best known for his force behind the camera that has repeatedly inspired mainstream Indian cinema.

Bhuvan Shome: The legendary actor Uttpal Dutt nailed the role of westernized railway officer and discovered that there is a life beyond bureaucracy to offer and follows that during his duck hunting trip to Gujrat. Suhasini Mulay has played the role of a tribal young woman who helped Uttpal Dutt to rediscover very simple and little joys of life. The famous filmmaker Mrinal Sen won two National Film Awards for best film and direction for Bhuvan Shome.

Akash Kusum: Soumitra Chatterjee played the main character of a young man who dreams of moving up in life and also gets involved in soem dangerous business deal. To maintain the image he created as a wealthy person, Soumitra decided to borrow an apartment and car from one of his rich friends whose role was played by Subhendu Chatterjee. But life goes on and he also falls in love with a lady who belongs from a wealthy family and the role played by Aparna Sen.  Soumitra Does not have the courage to confess her the entire truth and ends up suffering in his own deception.

Mrigayaa: One of the famous movies featured by Mithun Chakraborty, a tribal man who is known as one of the famous hunters around, even praised by the British rulers. Later, he was thrown to the gallows after murdering the moneylender who kidnapped his wife.  Mithun has singlehandedly managed the film to make it a cult classic with his awesome acting. Both Mithun Chakraborty and Filmmaker Mrinal Sen won the National Award for the best film.

Kandahar: In the year of 1984, this Bengali classic weaves around a group of friends who went out for a picnic and find a mother-daughter duo who used to live there. The mother was suffering from a delusion that one young man had got engaged to the daughter but in reality it was nothing like that. There was a photographer whose role was played by Naseeruddin Shah suddenly took pity on that girl. This movie also won Mrinal Sen a National Film Award for best direction.

Calcutta 71: This film narrates the corruption and violence throughout ages and the story was based on 4 short stories written by reputed writers. Calcutta 71 has documented the agony of common people.

These are a few famous movies of Mrinal Sen one should not miss if they are among those who love to watch movies.

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