Top Of The World- 5 Highest Places On Earth

Visit these highest summits and experience standing on top of the world.

Remember the time when Jack stood on the deck of Titanic and screamed out, saying he was at the top of the world? Well, quite ironically, he was at the sea that makes it sea level, and he was literally at the lowest point on earth! But if you want to shout out and mean it, here are some places that have soaring heights and will give you flying sensation on the highest altitudes.

  1. Mount Everest- Nepal

Well, you guessed it right, the top of the world rings Mount Everest in our ears. First ascended by Tenzing Norgay in 1953, it is the most giant mountain in the world. Even though Everest has come under many inspections recently, Mount Everest’s craze will not go away. Mankind is attracted to the range like moths to a flame. Everest Base Camp is also hugely popular and has become one of the world’s most famous multi-day treks.

  1. K2- Pakistan/China

The second highest mountain took its name from the notion used by the excellent trigonometrical survey of British India. There wasn’t an appeal local name for the hill and hence the name K2. It is one of the most challenging peaks to climb and is notably harder than Everest. With the highest fatality rate, it has never been summited until last winter.

  1. Kanchenjunga- India-

Kanchenjunga stands as the third highest peak in the world. Located on the border of Nepal and India, it was believed to be the tallest until 1852. The miscalculations were corrected, and hence the highest was given to Everest and everyone who had mugged up Kanchenjunga as the peak was too happy as Everest was catchier to remember!

  1. Lhotse- Nepal-

Lhotse is a famous peak and cannot be missed in the top 10 highest places. Its proximity to Everest and the route is the same as Everest base camp. It is virtually more attractive and lesser crammed by trekkers. It was first climbed in 1956 and has been scaled in 2011 by a Russian expedition.

  1. Makalu- Nepal-

Third of the four high mountain ranges, Makalu was first summited by Jean Franco’s French expedition in 1955. Their ascent had a full ten members of the expedition team, unlike the two team members.

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