Top Off-Road Motorcycle Trails in Thailand

Although motorsport is yet to achieve huge traction in Thailand, the country has no paucity of off-road trails for those moto-enthusiasts who yearn to play in the dirt!

The automobile industry of Thailand is developing on a regular basis and practically every day, new motorcycles and cars are introduced in the country. However, in the motorsport segment; the country is yet to attain its apex. Nonetheless, the country has no dearth of automobile enthusiasts who prefer hitting the race tracks and off-road trails with their rides. For those individuals, we have composed this article comprising a list of the best off-road trails in the country. 

Doi Kham trail- In the lush green woods of Thailand with boulders, mud and slush; the Doi Kham trails offer an experience not detected in every country. The trail is situated at an elevation of 1,254 metres and is as long as 25.3 kilometres. Not just meant for motorcycles, one could hit the place for a sublime off-road experience with cars and ATVs. 

Bamboo trail- In the Doi Suthep–Pui National Park, the Bamboo trail is all about going fast through a bamboo jungle. It is a trail where the focus is the most essential aspect because one minor mistake and one could end up with a ghastly crash into a strong and heavy bamboo tree. Being a point-to-point trail, it issuitable for novices. 

Pai-Mae Sariang- This one is not a trail but an off-road route. Starting at Pai, the road to Mae Sariang is full of dirt with tight chicanes and several turns. The stretch is around 50-60 kilometres and for those who are into serious off-roading, this route is a paradise; especially during the monsoon season of Thailand. However, we should like to advise that one should not take this route solo. Being a deserted route, finding help is an ordeal and therefore, travelling in a group is imperative. 

Sukhothai Loop- Another name which is not a trail but a famous loop situated in the Chiang Mai area of Thailand. The route passes through the mountains of Phayao and Nan, which is full of serpentine bends and chicanes with plenty of off-road patches on the way. In the area, there are several places to check out on motorcycles such as Sirikit Dam, Lampang’s elephant conservation centre and Sukhothai temples. 

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