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Top Performances of Tabu That Left Everyone Impressed With Her Acting (Part I)

Tabu is still revered in the industry because of her fine performances over the years.

Tabu is unarguably the only actress from the 90s who is still revered in the industry because of her acting chops. It’s because she is a great actor who crossed the boundaries between commercial and art cinema and gave some really good performances. She balanced her career by working in an offbeat movie like Haider and also doing a masala entertainer like Golmaal Returns. We have a list of her best performances:


The Gulzar directed movie Machis set in the background of terrorism in Punjab was the first offbeat movie Tabu did and got great reviews for her acting. 

Set during the insurgency in Punjab, Machis directed by the maverick director Gulzar starred Chandrachur Singh, Jimmy Shergil, Om Puri, and Tabu as main leads. With the movie, Tabu marked her entry into the offbeat cinema, and what a great performance she gave in the movie. She received her first National Award as the Best Actress for the movie because of her intense acting.


Virasat is a 1997 movie directed by Priyadarshan and it was a remake of a Tamil movie Thevar Magan starring Kamal Haasan. 

Virasat had an ensemble cast of Anil Kapoor, Amrish Puri, Pooja Batra, and Tabu. The story was written by Kamaal Haasan who also acted in its Tamil version, Thevar Magan. In the movie, Tabu plays the role of a simple village girl who gets married to the character of Anil Kapoor due to some unavoidable circumstances. All the actors in the movie gave brilliant performances especially Anil Kapoor as a city-returned man who has to unwillingly take the position of his father after he dies. Tabu as a simple village girl gave one of her best performances in this movie and the song Dhol Bajne Laga featuring Tabu was a chartbuster. She won Filmfare Best Actress (Critics) for the movie.

Chandni Bar

Chandni Bar directed by Madhur Bhandarkar is a hard-hitting movie about the underbelly of Mumbai. Atul Kulkarni co-starred with Tabu in the movie.

Chandni Bar can be considered a milestone in her career and it’s so hard-hitting that it leaves you thinking about the people who have to live this type of life. Tabu plays a girl named Mumtaz who becomes a bar dancer to sustain herself in the movie and Atul Kulkarni plays a gangster who falls in love with her. Both get married and when it seems that things are getting better, Atul Kulkarni was killed in a gang war and now Tabu has to survive in this world with her son. Her performance in the movie was the highlight of the movie and she won her second National Award for the movie.