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Top Rated and Interesting Things to Do and See in Hungary (Part II)

Continuing from the first part of the story, here are a few more top-rated and interesting things to do and see while holidaying in Hungary. 

Exploring The Caves of Lillafüred

If you love to do some sort of adventure while visiting a new place, then exploring the caves of Lillafüred is an option you shall consider.

The Caves of Lillafüred in the Bükk Mountains is one of the most famous spa destinations in Hungary. It’s also well-known for its numerous outstanding caves, all within a walking distance of the nearest town. A few of the most fascinating caves to explore are the István Cave famous for the amazing stalactite formations, and the Petofi Cave, renowned across the globe for the impressions of now extinct ancient plant species marked in its limestone walls. The Szeleta cave is quite apt for hiking and on the way you can witness some captivating collection of remnants dating from the Ice Age, like the expertly made arrows and spears.

Visiting Hortobágy National Park 

Hortobágy National Park is an ideal destination for those who love seeing nature-related things like various species of floras and faunas. 

Hortobágy National Park (HortobágyiNemzeti Park) located in the eastern part of Hungary is famous for providing visitors with a unique experience of the rich culture of the country’s people and their traditions. This park was established in 1973 and it’s Europe’s largest protected grassland area. Here you can spot a large variety of animals which includes various species of birds and hordes of horses. At the night you can get amazing stargazing opportunities devoid of the distraction of city lights. Here you can do some fun-filled activities like hiking and biking trails, and horse riding adventures.

The Hungarian Open Air Museum

In Hungary, if you want to explore the traditional Hungarian cultural activities, then visiting the Hungarian Open Air Museum is a perfect place to go. 

The Hungarian Open Air Museum was founded nearly 50 years ago and it’s located only at a distance of 23 kilometers from downtown Budapest. It is one of the country’s most noteworthy tourist attractions and thousands of tourists visit here every week. Here you can witness and experience the traditional life of Hungary during different time periods and regions. The Hungarian Open Air Museum is divided into eight sections, signifying different regions and ages.

Visiting Margaret Island

Margaret Island is located amidst the Danube River, near Hungary’s capital of Budapest.

Margaret Island is a beautiful oasis in the DunabeRiver, Budapest. This lush green island is made into a park with various attractions like a few spas, a swimming pool, a playground for kids to play and elders to walk, and a beautiful and authentic Japanese garden. During the winters, it becomes a favorite picnic spot on the island’s lush green lawns and, in summer, music concerts are arranged.

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