Top Rebranded Football Clubs in the Modern Era

For the new fans, several clubs have changed their crests in the last few years. 

For football clubs, one of the most important things is their logos. After all, the logo is the club’s identity. Therefore, the majority of the historic clubs hate the idea of tinkering with their logos. Although, in the past few years, some historic clubs have broken the age-old norm and changed their historic logos.

To be honest, we do not know the reason behind their decision, but we believe the new logos are for the new set of fans and also to be in line with the new digital age. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some top football clubs that have rebranded themselves with new logos or crests.


Once upon a time, the Italian club Juventus had an oval-shaped crest with a raging bull and crown inside that crest. The name Juventus also appeared above the crown. Now, the logo is just the letter "J" without a crest or any other element.

Manchester City

Manchester City once had a shield-shaped crest with a ship inside the shield. The shield also had "M.C.F.C." written in bold, whereas at the bottom, it read "Superbia in Proelio" (Pride in Battle). Not to forget, in the background, there was an eagle. Now, the badge is round, with the ship and rose placed below it.

AS Roma

To be honest, while we do not like the new logos of Juventus and City, we do like the new logo of the Italian club AS Roma. In our opinion, the earlier logos of Roma did not do justice to the club’s history or the stature it holds in the world of football.

(Credit- The Football Trimmings/SB Nation)

Paris Saint-Germain

Founded in 1970, Paris Saint-Germain has redesigned its crest nine times in 43 years. When Qatar Sports Investment purchased the team in 2013, they unveiled a new logo, which we are all familiar with today.

(Credit- 1000 Logos)

Cardiff City

Cardiff City may not be one of the most successful clubs in the world, but they sure have a rich history and are proud. Therefore, in 2012, when the club’s new owner, Malaysian businessman Vincent Tan, changed the club’s crest from blue to red, fans got super angry. Three years later, Tan accepted the supporters’ request and changed the crest back from red to blue.

 (Credit- Daily Mail UK)

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