Top Scorer in Women’s Football World Cup

The game of football has always been all about creating records and shattering them to create some new more records

Men’s football World Cup may be the most-watched sports event on earth, but women’s football tournament is not far behind. From venues to the management of the tournament, it is at the same level as the male counterpart. And just like the records in the men’s football, women have created records of their own. Unfortunately, the less coverage on televisions and by the media does not give them the spotlight they truly deserve.

Talking about records, Miroslav Klose’s name is known by all the football fans, for he holds the record of scoring the greatest number of goals at the World Cup event. However, the name of Marta Vieira da Silva may not be a familiar one for many. Due to this reason, we would like to introduce you to famous female footballers who have scored the most goals in the football World Cup.

Marta Vieira da Silva

Marta Vieira da Silva is a Brazil international footballer who holds the record of scoring most goals in the history of football World Cup among men and women. She has scored 17 times surpassing the record of German footballer Miroslav Klose.

Birgit Prinz

Birgit Prinz is a German international football player who has won the World Cup twice. Before retiring from the game, Prinz scored 14 goals from 24 matches to stand second on this list. All the scores from the player came through open play.

Abby Wambach

From the USA, Abby Wambach is the player with second-highest international goals in women’s football. Before retiring, the player had reached 184 goals for her country. In the World Cup, Abby managed to score 14 goals from 25 matches. Out of 14 goals, one was scored through a penalty.

Michelle Akers

The name of Michelle Akers is a shocker since she is a player from the 90s era. The player appeared in the 1991 and 1999 edition of the World Cup. The USA footballer scored 10 goals in the 1999 edition and won the Golden Shoe award. She was able to score 12 goals from 13 World Cup matches. Out of 12 goals, 2 goals came from penalty kicks.

Cristine Rozeira

Cristine Rozeira is a Brazilian national who was the top scorer for Brazil in the 2019 World Cup tournament. Cristine is also the third-highest scorer for Brazil, behind Marta and Pele. In World Cup so far, Cristine has managed to score 11 goals from 21 matches.

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