Top Scrambler-Styled Motorcycle in Thailand

The motorcycles listed in this article cannot be called scramblers but they do feature a bit of scrambler DNA in them!

We have written about the best cruisers found in Thailand and we have also written about the best litre-class motorcycles accessible in the country of the white elephants. However, so far, we have not shared a word on scrambler-styled motorcycles found in Thailand. Honestly, we do not think there are true hardcore scrambler motorcycles in Thailand (apologies in case we are wrong), but there are some motorcycles that feature a bit of scrambler DNA in them. 

Therefore, in this clickbait, we have listed some of the best scrambler-styled motorcycles found in the Southeast Asian nation. 

GPX Classic Legend 150- It has got raised wide handlebars, it has got a straight single seat, and it has spoked rims. Therefore, even though it is called a street motorcycle; in our book of thoughts, it is a small scrambler. Powered by a SOHC 149cc engine, the motorcycle offers an 11-litre fuel tank with a halogen light on the front, whereas the tail has an LED unit. Light in weight at 130 kilograms only, the motorcycle features a dual shock absorber at the back, whereas the front has a telescopic unit. 

Suzuki VanVan 200- Now this is one motorcycle that is very close to a scrambler found in Thailand. In fact, if somebody wants to purchase a scrambler motorcycle in Thailand: this motorcycle should be an ideal pickup. An exhaust can set near the rear seat, a fat tread block pattern tyre at the rear and spoked wheels make the VanVan 200 capable of hitting the off-road trails. Powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC 199cc engine, the motorcycle makes a peak power of 16hp and a maximum torque figure of 15Nm. Yes, being a 200cc motorcycle, the power figures of the VanVan 200 is pretty horrendous. However, do not forget the excellent ground clearance of 220 millimetres, which is enough to make long jumps without worrying about scrapping the engine belly. 

Apart from these two motorcycles, Thailand does not offer much in the scrambler motorcycle segment. However, given the Thailand industry is witnessing a massive boom in recent times, we expect a few authentic scramblers to hit the Thai showrooms soon. Not to forget, since Thailand and India bear a cordial relationship, we also expect a few scramblers from India to reach the Thai shores within a short period. 

Rohit Chatterjee

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Rohit Chatterjee is a bona fide moto-enthusiast who has worked with several media houses in his brief career. Chatterjee mostly writes features and news articles related to automobiles and motorsports. When not working, he is found on the interstate clocking over 100kmph on his NS200!
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