Top Six Anti-Heroes from the Marvel Comics Who Deserves to be in MCU ( Part I)

An anti-hero is someone who is not totally a hero or a villain but somewhere in between.

An anti-hero has his own perspective about how justice should be served if that means breaking the law or even killing someone. Marvel comics have many interesting anti-heroes who didn’t appear on the big screen till now. We all know how famous the Marvel Cinematic Universe is and it would be interesting to see these anti-heroes appearing on the screen along with already established characters in the MCU. Here are the top six anti-heroes from Marvel Comics who deserve to be in the MCU.


Punisher must be one of the most famous anti-heroes in the Marvel comics. He believes that justice should be served at any cost and does not mind killing someone for it.

Punisher is the alter ego of Frank Castle who believes that the law does not always provide justice to the victims and does not mind taking the law into his hands to deliver justice. His approach towards crime and criminals is very brutal and criminals fear him because they know, unlike other law-abiding superheroes, Punisher won’t mind killing someone. Punisher does not have superhuman powers but has got muscle strength and is a skilled martial artist and he uses arms and ammunition to fight his enemies.


Magneto appeared in X-Men movies but has yet to appear in the MCU. Magneto is not totally a negative character but his views clash with other mutants. 

Magneto is a mutant who believes that humans will never consider mutants a part of their society and that’s why he clashes with other mutants, X-Men to be precise. Magneto believes that mutants have to save themselves at any cost and get their place in the world even if it takes clashing with humans. Magneto appeared on the big screen in the X-Men movies and with the rumors of X-Men joining the MCU soon; we hope to see Magneto also appearing soon in the MCU.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a famous character from Marvel comics, who appeared in movies where Nicholas Cage played Ghost Rider but has yet to appear in the MCU.

Ghost Rider has all the characteristics of being a superhero but what makes him an anti-hero is that he believes in punishing anyone who sinned and that is where he got into a clash with other superheroes of the Marvel comics. There have been movies on Ghost Rider where Nicholas Cage played Ghost Rider and they were successful also but seeing him in MCU fighting with other superheroes will be very interesting.

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