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Top Things to do If You are Planning to Visit Peru (Part I)

There are many exotic destinations that should be part of your itinerary while visiting China.

China has a diverse landscape, a variety of attractions to see, and many interesting things to do. China is full of beautiful places, both natural and man-made. There are many exotic destinations that should be part of your itinerary while visiting China. Continuing from the first part of the story, here are a few more interesting things to do and see if you are planning to visit China.

Witness the Floating Mountains 

If you are a fan of James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ and the world he created on the planet Pandora, let us tell you that its landscapes were inspired by the floating mountains in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China. 

Visiting China is incomplete without going to see the floating mountains in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China. These mountains inspired Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron to create the beautiful and breathtaking natural beauty of the Pandora planet. If you are fond of hiking then it’s an ideal place to do so where you pass through mesmerising natural scenic places with clouds as your companions.

Experience Kite Flying

China is quite famous for kite flying and it’s a favourite Chinese outdoor activity in spring. 

If you are visiting China during the spring season, then you must experience kite flying, which has been a famous outdoor activity here for the last 2000 years. During this season, you will see kites of various designs, shapes, and sizes floating in the sky which will leave you beautifully surprised for sure. Lu Ban was a famous architect of China who lived in the fifth century BC and he gave detailed information about how to make beautiful kites using bamboo which the people of China still follow. It’s going to be an experience you will cherish for a long time for sure.

Visiting the Temple of Heaven

If you are a history enthusiast, then you must visit the famous Temple of Heaven in Beijing. 

If you are fond of knowing about the history and culture of the places you visit, you must go to the Temple of Heaven where you will get to know about the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors who were considered great emperors in the history of China. Along with knowing about the history of these two royal dynasties, you can also see locals practising Tai Chi early in the mornings, young men and women playing Xiangqi, and some experts flying kites in an open area.

Kashgar’s Sunday Market

If you want to do some shopping in China, then Kashgar’s Sunday Market is an ideal market for you.   

The Kashger’s Sunday market is a famous street market from where you can buy things at reasonable rates as compared to overpriced malls. Shopping at Kashgar’s Sunday Market is a fun activity most of the tourists look forward to. The market is divided into two segments. The Yengi Bazaar is famous for souvenirs you can buy to remember your visit to China. You will find a range of souvenirs with colourful fabrics, various types of hats, and also knives in various sizes and designs. The other segment known as Ulak market is famous for selling wholesale livestock and it’s quite famous among the locals.

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