Top Three Cruise Ships in the World

It is said that ‘you haven’t lived until you’ve sailed’. So, have you ever thought about starting a journey on a ship?

With the development of naval technologies, sailing has become much more accessible and comfortable. If you are a sea lover, then it’s not a big deal anymore to begin your exploration with the world’s best cruise ships, specially made for passengers. According to 2018, 314 cruise ships were operating across the globe, and the number is increasing as the water tourism industry is flourishing day by day. FromPrinzessin Victoria Luise of Germany, which is recorded as the world’s first cruise ship, to the Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas(largest cruise ship till date), these ships have travelled a long way. Finally, we have so many luxurious ships for a safe and comfortable journey. Some of these ships are discussed below-

Symphony Of The Seas

Symphony of the Seas, the 25th ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, is currently the largest cruise ship in the world. It is measured as 238 feet tall and 1188 feet long in span and has 228,081 gross registered tons. This giant cruise offers you an ultimate family vacation of seven to ten days as it sails from Miami to a round trip through the Western Caribbean. This ten-story tall ship has all the comforts that you have hardly imagined.

Harmony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s world-class vessel, Harmony of the Seas, is the second-largest ship globally, built by STX France and delivered in May 2016. This 362.12-metre ship is 226,963 Gross Tonnage and 362.12 metres in length. This giant vessel can accommodate 5,479 guests at double occupancy. With such a massive number of guests, it sails from the western Mediterranean- sea and offers a seven-night luxurious stay.

Allure of the Seas

This is another 362- metre ship, basically the sister ship of the Harmony of the Seas. It was built at the STX shipyards in Turku, Finland and is considered the second Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the Oasis-class series. Around 5400 passengers can comfortably fit into this big cruise. Other luxurious features include a two-deck dance hall, a theatre that can accommodate 1,380 people, an ice-skating rink, a concierge club and spa, and a fitness centre. You will be shocked that this ship first launched the facility of Starbucks coffee shop at sea.

So, from the next vacation, avoid your flight tickets and start your luxurious voyage with the world’s best cruises. What’s say?


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