Topley has Rohit’s number

 Reece Topley dismissed Rohit Sharma thrice in five innings of the India tour of England in 2022.


 It is an open secret that Rohit Sharma has trouble negotiating left-arm pacers from over the wicket. That is what has brought about his downfall in International cricket several times.


Multiple offences


 One can clearly remember the final of the 2017 Champions Trophy against Pakistan and the 2021 T20 World Cup clash against the same opposition where Mohammed Aamir and Shaheen Shah Afridi, respectively, had the measure of him.


 Trent Boult has also troubled him quite a lot, and so has Mitchell Starc.


 Rohit Sharma got dismissed by Reece Topley thrice in just 5 innings of the 6 white ball matches, that is 3 T20 Internationals and 3 ODIs. Rohit will have to find a way of negotiating it.


Big praise


 “Reece Topley has been brilliant,” Buttler praised Topley. “He got his opportunity and took Man-of-the-Match at Lord’s and the T20s at Trent Bridge as well. We were trying to search for ways to create wickets, and it’s been a tough schedule as well, and Reece is just creaking a bit, so we will just have to look after him a little bit, as we will all our players.”


 “We have to look after the players, the schedules are incredibly tough. The thought of a three-and-a-half hour bus to play again. There’s risk with the bowlers. We’ll have to manage guys, and maybe rest a few.”


Chinks need to be ironed out


 It’s not as if Rohit has trouble only when the ball swings. Obviously, he finds it harder when the ball is swinging back into his pads while pitching within the stumps, but even when the ball is not swinging, he tends to nicking it with the left-armer bowling from over the wickets when it leaves him.


 Ideally, he should look to cover the line of the ball and then leave it for the first few overs before he decides to take it on.


 One understands that Rohit Sharma wants to take the aggressive route, and that is an area in which he wants to lead from the front and bring about a paradigm shift in one-day international cricket, but there are certain theories which the batsman has followed for the longest time because of its effectiveness.


 It is only a good thing to respect the bowler for a couple of overs when the ball is doing a bit and then take charge.

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