Published By: Sougata Dutta

Tour Guide For Switzerland Trip

Enjoy the most beautiful country of Europe

Switzerland is one of the most costly states in Europe. Life is very very much expenditure here, so the tour packages. And the reason behind it is the amazing tour spots and picturesque landscapes.

The Switzerland tour is apt for those who don't hesitate over expenses on a trip.

Here's a brief guide for your tour to the most beautiful country in Europe.

Places to visit

There are a lot to visit in Switzerland. Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is itself a historic city. There are resemblances of medieval architecture, clock towers, ancient walls, stoned streets and a lot more. Then, the peak of Matterhorn, the mesmerizing Zurich lake, the amazing vineyards of the Swiss Riviera. Interlaken is a place where one can go skydiving, hiking, waterskiing and a lot more.

Besides, there is the beautiful Geneva lake. There is Mount Pilatus for hiking. The amazing Spring fest of Switzerland shouldn’t be missed by anyone. And obviously, take a train from Jungfraujoch, the station at the highest range.

Expenses in Switzerland

Swiss trips and other services are more costly than the other states. A bed in a dorm costs 30-40 CHF per night, and a private hotel room may cost a minimum of 70-120 CHF. And a good quality hotel room costs at least 150-200 CHF. A normal meal costs at least 9-15 CHF and for a better service, 25-60 CHK may have to be expensed. Weekly groceries for a person costs nearly 100-125 CHF. Hiking costs more than 70 CHF, paragliding costs 160 CHF, Fast Foods are also costly over there.

Tips to save money

Though there are some ways to deduce the expenses.

Swiss people are so welcoming. So, if someone can convince local people to get a place to stay with them, it can reduce the cost. For residency purposes, an Airbnb can also be a good alternative where beds are available within 25-30 CHF. One can avail a city card, which includes discounts on Museum tickets and tourist spot bookings. Cooking your own meal can save your money. In case of transportation, use BlaBlaCar instead of trains. And obviously, carry your own water bottle along with you.

Best places to stay

Those who love to stay in the cities, can stay in Interlaken, Zurich, Bern or in Geneva. These are the cities where hotels and Airbnbs are easily available. And for the rural lovers, Groubunden and Appenzell are two most suitable places to stay.

A brief idea about transportation

There are no domestic airlines in Switzerland. Most of the destinations are to be travelled by trains.

The best time for a Switzerland trip

Spring is the best season for a Switzerland trip. The splendorous beauty can be enjoyed without any natural obstacles during this season. Though, this is the peak season for the travellers, so make your bookings early to get confirmed bookings.