Tour of Miami’s Art Deco

An immersive tour of Miami Art Deco District where each building exhibits the distinct architectural style prevalent during the 1920s

Following the tenet of Art Deco, the buildings are shaped in geometric patterns: cubes, straight lines and spheres. Besides the applied art, visuals and paintings, you would find beautiful manifestations of art deco in textile, fashion and interior designs. The streamlined shapes achieved with modern technology is emblematic of quintessential Miami aesthetics.

Visit the Art Deco Historic District

The resplendence of this District is mind-boggling. At the intersection of the 5th Street and Ocean Drive, the cinematic value of this region lies in the quaintness of porthole apertures and metal rails. A few hotels and lodges represent the art form and offer an exhilarating view to travellers who stay there. The entire Art Deco skyline is mesmerising and worth a day’s dedicated tour.

Numerous upscale brands residing inside century-old architectural wonder complete the District’s sense of grandeur.

The Popular Party Region at 23rd Street

A tough competitor to New York’s skyscrapers, the pastel-coloured buildings of this street are the perfect embodiment of Art Deco and are thronged by celebrities and socialites for lounging and partying. The street is comprised of a whopping 800 structures making a gorgeous landscape portrait in Miami. After an exhausting stroll appreciating the exemplary structures, hit Lincoln Road for gastronomic delights, Art Deco facades and light music.

A Date with Art Deco Welcome Centre 

The metaverse shelters the entire Art Deco repertoire; books and brochures on the origin and legacy of this art in Miami is detailed for tourists to know. Besides, the vast literature, you can also engage in the array of shows, exhibitions, films and lectures that the centre hosts. Adjacent is a gift store and museum for browsing through extensive information on performing arts in Miami. The plethora of information available provides a beautiful contrast to the sun, aqua water, palm trees and sand of Miami.

Stay at Commercial Hotels Designed in Art Deco

In the vicinity of the beach area, quite a few hotels flamboyantly flaunt Art Deco elements well-preserved for decades which further accentuate the visual appeal to the senses. Iconic architects have worked their geniuses on these buildings to make them a pioneering representation of Miami Modern style. Even the swanky buildings are true to the authenticity of Art Deco. Exuberance and inclination of these establishments towards artistic splendour make your stay worthy.

Truly, the infusion of chic and nostalgic Art Deco is a sight to behold!

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