Published By: Riya Banerjee

Touring Turkey: Here is everything you need to experience

Are you about to fix your next holiday spot soon? If yes, then you must definitely consider Turkey as a travel destination.

As rightly said by many, Turkey is a melting pot of cultures and offers a gorgeous coastline, delicious food and of course splendid scenery! There are several reasons to visit Turkey, few of them being the beaches, the friendly locals, the epic historical relevance and much more! If you are wondering where your next holiday destination should be, Turkey surely will be on top of your list. If you have already decided on this country, here is everything you cannot miss out on seeing and doing while you are there.

Visit Istanbul

When in Turkey, visiting Istanbul should be at the top of your list. There are several archaeological sites in this city and of course it is one of the most visited places by tourists. There are several must-see tourist attractions in Istanbul which can be mostly covered in a day or two. You should also go to one of the world's great waterways, the Bosphorus Strait, to soak in all the beautiful scenery there.

Tour the city of Ephesus

If you are someone who loves to learn about history and culture then a trip to the city of Ephesus will be extremely interesting for you! The remains from the daily life of ancient Greeks and Romans are still visible there even though it is almost over a hundred years old. You can see the ancient Library of Celsus while there along with several other monuments.

Sail the Coast of Turkey

This will surely be an experience of a lifetime for you. The South East coast of Turkey is known as The Turquoise Coast and is a paradise that you will love exploring on a boat. You will get to see pristine blue waters and white beaches as far as your eyes wander. You can either book a tour or even hire your own boat for this experience.

Gorge on Turkish food

Every country has its own delicious food that is worth trying. Same way, Turkish cuisine is not only lip-smacking but also very unique. Try out their desserts too and we bet you will become a Turkish food fan by the end of your trip!