Published By: Sougata Dutta

Tourist Spots Of Shandong Province, China

The cultural and natural beauty of Shandong 

Shandong province is a cultural and spiritual site for Taoism, Chinese Buddhism, and Confucianism. Here is a list that would introduce a number of the Best Places to visit in Shandong, that will help you to discover the unspoiled beauty of the charming and mysterious place. 

Mount Tai

Mount Tai is the most popular vacationer place in Shandong. People love to hike up what the ancients took into consideration to be China's number one Mountain. The emperors and rulers could ascend the heights to sacrifice to Shang Di ('the One above the emperor', the God of Heaven).

Confucian Temple

Confucian Temple, as one of the Qufu highlights, is a must visit enchantment while you plan a Shandong tour. The temple was constructed in line with the specification for imperial palaces; it is one of the 3 historical building complexes in our country and holds an vital position even in the world.

Confucius Mansion

Confucius Mansion, also known as Shengfu, Comprising 450 halls, this house became used by the Kong family, headed by the eldest male direct descendants of Confucius who have been granted special privileges by the emperors. It is the biggest and grandest feudal noble mansion preserved to this present day in China, which was erected all through the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The mansion organised in 3 elements has nine courtyards, 463 halls, towers, and verandas, which covers a complete area of sixteen hectares. The homes along the centre direction are the primary part of the mansion. After frequent rebuilding and expansion, it has become a normal feudal noble mansion combining authentic buildings with a residence.

Daming Lake

The light waves of lake water are clear, the fish dive, the kite flies, and the pleasure-boat walks. Many lotuses grow on all over the lake, the lakeside weeping willow is according to which, the plants and bushes are well-spaced, it is the first-rate portrayal of Daming Lake's scenery.

No. 1 bathing beach, Qingdao

Surrounded on 3 sides by mountains, the beach is just like the pearl of Huiquan Bay. The mild slope and slight waves make the location a comfortable play place. Visitors can sunbathe here and swim close to the coast, enjoyable by playing volleyball or going for walks on the sand or even eating at the beach. The region's comfortable climate makes it a very good preference to keep away from the summer heat. Even in winter this location is crowded with eager swimmers.