Published By: Ishani Karmakar

Toxic Colleagues You Should Keep Away From

People from different backgrounds make up a workspace. Some people are supportive and helpful, while others may see you as a competitor and put obstacles in your way of success.

The worst types of co-workers are the ones that drain your energy and make it difficult to believe in yourself. They are also experts at gossiping and badmouthing. You are likely to hear them say negative things about you around the office. It is crucial to recognize them and get rid of them. Here are some examples of toxic co-workers you should avoid.

The “vulture”

They know how to take credit when you did the work. Imagine yourself in a situation when you need to finish a large project. You are unable to complete the final hurdle because you lack mental and physical energy. Then, a kind co-worker offers to help and, without you even knowing, they submit it to your boss! They are like vultures, and they arrive at the right moment to claim the prize.

The gossip queen/king

There is bound to be gossips in your workplace. You should be aware that gossiping about others can lead to gossip about you.

The politician

Politics are all that the politician cares about. Their work life becomes a game where they try to win the next job, promotion, or project. They spend very little time on their current responsibilities. They believe promotions should not be based on merit.

The "know-it-all"

These people thrive when others are less capable or inferior. They dive into your inferiority complex. They will not recognize you as an equal. They are proud of their egos, and that is what makes them so dangerous.

The back-stabber

They take ideas from others to gain the favour of their boss. They can be charming and will earn your trust until they get you burned.

The lazy one

There are always a few lazy people in every office. These people are not worth your time, regardless of whether they were once great employees who became complacent about all their accomplishments or simply lazy from the beginning. Except for the occasional menial task, they do not contribute to the workplace. They are often the ones complaining about the "all the work" that they do.

Guilt tripper

Imagine a co-worker making a mocking comment about your finishing early after you've worked hard all day. It's passive-aggressive in a way that makes you feel guilty for doing something wrong even though you did not.