Traditional Nepali dishes everyone should try

Made with local spices and herbs, everyone should have local Nepali food on their bucket list.

Nepal’s local traditional food is lip-smacking and represents the country’s cultural and traditional diversity. We have curated a list of best foods that you should try during your visit to the Land of the Himalayas

  1. Dal bhat

The most famous dish in Nepal is the traditional Dal Bhat. It is eaten twice a day by most of the locals in the country and represents a full balanced diet. It contains dal (lentil soup), bhat (steamed rice), tarkari (seasonal vegetables and curry), pickle, curd, salad and papad. Not only by the locals, but tourists also enjoy it the same

  1. Momos

Though of a Tibetan origin, momos can be considered staple in Nepal after dal bhat. Rice paper wrappers are stuffed with vegetables and are served alongside a spicy sauce. You can either order them steamed, fried or dipped in a spicy soup. Found on every nook and corner of the country; don’t be surprised if your momo order takes longer to arrive, as they are freshly made every time.

  1. Juju dhau

Also called as ‘king curd’, juju dhau is a sweet, thick and creamy yoghurt made with buffalo milk, instead of regular cow milk. It is served in clay pots by street-side vendors in the city of Bhaktapur. It generally accompanies the traditional daal bhat and is also a regular addition to many Newari celebrations.

  1. Sel roti

The equivalent of the classic doughnuts, sel roti is comparatively less sweet than its counterpart. Considered a street food in Nepal, it is a round deep-fried food item found at many street vendors across the country. It is also prepared in Nepali homes and during festivals and celebrations.

  1. Yomari

Yomari is a special food with its own Newari festival in December called Yomari Pooja. During the festival, yomari is made and consumed to celebrate the end of the rice harvest. It is a pointed rice flour dumpling filled with coconut or sweet molasses. However, this dish can be hard to find outside the festival season.

  1. Gundruk

A leafy green vegetable, gundruk is claimed to be the national dish of Nepal. It is obtained when the leafy green vegetables are fermented to give it the dark brown characteristic. It is either served as a side dish to a meal or as an appetizer.

Is your mouth watering now?

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