Tragic killer backstories in Dead By Daylight (Part I)

Devs went creative with the lore

The asymmetrical game has 2 sides –Killers and Survivors. The Killers are vicious, maiming and ending Suvivors to please the Entity. But like the Survivors, they used to be humans Each killer is given interesting lore that matches the kind of killer they become. So read on.. We give you the 3 tragic backstories of Killers.

The Hillbilly

Max Thompson was born deformed to incredibly abusive parents. Shut away from civilization, Max was kept hidden in Coldwind Farms. He was housed inside the four walls of brick wall that his parents built, being fed through that. After years of being abused, shamed for his deformity, Max Thompson broke loose. A victim of psychological abuse, Max exacted revenge on his abusive parent.

The bodies of the Thompson;s were never found. All that remains in Coldwind Farm are the remains of animal carcasses, hanging from the big tree.

The Hag

Lisa Sherwood was a part of a remote community that practiced old traditional magic. Lisa had a happy content life, learning to draw symbols she was taught, until one day she fell down a muddy road to be captured by cannibals. Kept in a basement with other prisoners, she witnessed brutality, torture, cannibalism. She too faced the same fate, slowly being eaten away. Malnutritioned, she managed to break free after tearing away her flesh. But she was week. Heaving her last breath, all she wanted was revenge. As she drew the familiar symbols on the floor, The Entity answered her desire for revenge.

The search party looking for Lisa never found any trace of her, except the dismembered cannibals and shapes on the ground.

The Huntress

Anna lived with her mother in the Red Forest. After her mother passed away by an elk attack, the humanity stripped away with each passing year. She craved a daughter of her own, a child to nurture and care for, to teach the ways of the wild and the secrets of the forest. When families would travel through the woods and when she saw a little girl among the group, Anna would lead the child back to her small cabin deep in the woods. And each time, the little girl would wither away, her body unable to withstand the harshness of the wilderness. Some succumbed to the biting cold, while others fell prey to sickness or starvation. Each death was a blow to Anna’s already fragile mind, made her spiral into madness. And as the legends of the Huntress spread throughout the nearby villages, fear and dread permeated the air.

No one dared venture into the Red Forest, for fear of what they might encounter. For they knew of the Huntress who dwelled there, a creature that killed men and ate little girls, a monster born of grief, loss, and an insatiable hunger for a daughter of her own.

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