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Trains or Planes- The best way to travel Domestic?

Are you someone who loves traveling? Or are you looking to go for a holiday? Or are you just someone making a journey, trying to decide the best way to commute, whether you should go by train or plane?

Here are some of the points for both, which you could consider while trying to decide!

POV- Definitely Planes!

Faster- Planes are a good way to travel, both for short and long distances. Firstly, it means that you will reach faster, and more efficiently. Irrespective of what flight you take and where you travel, planes are efficient.

Good entertainment depending on where you’re going – This is probably one of the biggest plus points about traveling by plane. Depending on what kind of flight is assigned to you, you sometimes have access to mini televisions, which have very good films for you to catch up on. Since this period, you have no access to your phone, you can sit back and uninterruptedly enjoy a movie to pass your time. Planes are always fun for this.

Airports are always nice- This is a surprising point, but a genuine one. Especially if you are traveling from a metropolitan city, then they have some of the best airports, which can be so much fun to roam around in, and grab a bite or even go shopping. A word of advice for jet setters- do go early to the airport. The airport experience is a part of it for sure!

POV- You should go by train!

Cheaper—Though trains are slower, and take more time, they are also cheaper and more pocket friendly. This is good if you want to save money. Prices on flights are sky-high nowadays. Trains can be eco-friendly! Also if your travel plans change, you can get your money back, which is a good guarantee!

Leisure time- Sometimes this prolonged time can work in your favor. It gives you a peaceful time for some catching up! You can read a book or maybe binge-watch downloaded episodes of your favorite show, in peace which is now. Do download the episodes though, as wifi is bad.

Food on some trains is good- While many trains don’t provide food, some of them do. The food on trains can be quite good. Moreover, the prolonged journey is an excuse to stock up on snacks and carry good food with you to sit and eat, which is always fun on a train journey!

So how are you traveling?