Traits of an emotionally intelligent person that one should follow for contentment in life

Here are  the key thing an emotionally intelligent person does so that they remain motivated, and humble towards their surroundings.

Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Anyone can be angry, that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way—that is not easy.”

We all have a certain sense of judgement about a situation that determines how we react to it. But what happens is we lose control of how much or little to react. Often we forget to judge the situation from different point of view leading to an emotional outburst. Emotionally intelligent people are those who can engage in a number of habits that help them control their own emotions and understand the feeling of others. They are capable of expressing emotions in an appropriate way and are empathetic to other’s understanding as well.

Here are  the key thing an emotionally intelligent person does so that they remain motivated, positive and at the same time humble and kind towards their surroundings.

Emotionally intelligent people pay attention to personal feelings

Self-awareness is an essential pillar of emotional intelligence. It is about recognizing moods that is not determined by an physical change, being aware of what triggers anxiety, mood swings and how it influences your surrounding and your occupation. Self-aware people now when to quit a situation, cut ties with toxic person and free them from negativity. They are not afraid of switching when things cross a certain threshold of tolerance.

They understand and empathise with others feeling

While you work in multiple life domains you meet different people from different background. Know their story first before coming to a conclusion. If a co-worker is upset or frustrated, knowing what he is feeling can give you a much better idea of how to respond. Emotionally intelligent people always need how to react in any situation and they are also willing to discuss feelings with others. They can make conversations and not run away from them.

Gain an understanding of your values and long-term goals

We’re constantly blasted with stimuli that take us away from reflecting and being aware of our minds and ourselves but emotionally intelligent people take time off to reflect on their aspirations and values. Try to take a good 10 minutes a day to self-reflect. Get to know yourself better.

Take responsibility for themselves

Shifting blame is easy, taking responsibility is not. That leaves us feeling emotionally dependent and uncomfortably vulnerable. Emotionally independent people can put themselves on the driver’s seat for their life, be it their big mistakes, indecisions, they own it. This habit quiets your unsettling feelings, giving you more control of your emotional responses.

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