Transferrable Skills to Add in CV

Transferrable skills are essential especially when you are switching jobs or tiptoeing to a different industry altogether

Skills that are pertinent in any job irrespective of the sector, mode and industry you are applying for. From a recruiter’s perspective, employees with transferrable skills are an invaluable asset since they reduce utilisation of resources on training, add to diversity and are more capable of problem-solving. These skills help you climb the corporate ladder. If you have a knack for adding new highlights to your CV, take a glimpse at these five must-have transferrable skills that employers look for.

Analytical Reasoning

Employees with commendable analytical skills are better equipped to retain and process complex information to evaluate and solve crises with utmost precision and accuracy. This skill adds a plethora of positive qualities in an employee— objectivity, ability to articulate by avoiding logical fallacies and adept in visualising and navigating through complex scenarios. Under the umbrella term of analytical reasoning, are a smaller set of skills that every organisation benefits from—communication, creativity, research, critical thinking and data analysis.


When leadership skills are imbibed within you, the entire team is motivated to work better. Employees are always strategising to boost employee engagement, morale and confidence to build an organisational culture that is conducive to creativity and productive output. On the journey to learn better skills to become a competent leader, do not hesitate to take on new projects which allow for learning opportunities, understanding situational awareness and skill development.

Project Management

The foundation of smooth functioning of every business venture is the ability of employees to positively impact the bottom line of the organisation by performing. If you are looking to excel in project management, be sure to polish your expertise in leadership, communication, time management and planning. Once you learn to manage tasks and time with adeptness, the organisation is spared from indulging in excess resource allocation and delaying implementation of key decisions.

Technical Knowledge

HRs look for tech-savviness in employees irrespective of the size and nature of the job designation. Employees with technical knowledge are better disposed to perform in tandem with company’s expectations and profits. Hiring talents with tech knowledge is perhaps the first step towards integrating innovation into the office environment. As workspace paradigms shift, so does the infrastructure and ways of doing regular job responsibilities. This is where, tech-savviness is most pertinent—to ensure employees can adapt, work and excel without ado. Anticipating the upcoming tech revolution in your domain and then learning the relevant skills is the cherry on top!

Puja Sinha

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