Published By: Sreyanshi

Transform Chaos into Clarity— Daily Notes Can Keep You Focused

Using daily notes the right way can easily help you declutter your work!

You may already be aware of the issue with two parallel worlds of chaos and clarity, when it comes to managing a large amount of digital stuff. You may possibly have a general idea of how to handle it. But when you deal with a huge variety of information during the course of the day from various sources, the volume of information and incoming demands may be debilitating. Especially for those who work in organizations, particularly those in managerial positions.

Spending as little time as possible determining what to keep and where to put it is the key tenet of the strategy I employ. The intention is to dump it at a later, most likely more practical time.

One can streamline and operationalize my everyday tasks through a single point of entry by adhering to ITIL and ITSM standards. Create an Inbox folder in Notes and add each piece of incoming information as a distinct note throughout the day. Later, arrange notes into the proper folders. Very good; however, we can do better.

The best method is to start a new Daily Note each day and add stuff to it during the day.

Why is option #3 the best?

In the first place, it enables you to postpone thinking, choosing, and organizing the information until later. All devices follow a consistent, repeatable process for filling content. As a consequence, you're one step closer to automating your daily tasks and need not waste time learning how to accomplish it.

Every day, one can start a Daily Note that serves as a blank canvas for all of my thoughts and ideas. It aids in preventing clutter, which would have developed if I had just one location or note open all the time.