Travel Guide: Exciting Places to Visit In Milan

These places in Milan are a must-visit.

Milan is a vibrant and booming Italian city rich with a lot of history and aesthetically pleasing structures. While you can feast on delicious food and shop to your heart’s content, this city is known for more than that. Leonardo da Vinci, the iconic Italian artist, is responsible for many of the city’s network of canals. There are many more reasons to put Milan on your travel bucket list. Here are some exciting things to do when you visit Milan.

Navigli District

This district was designed with inputs from Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. It took over hundreds of years to construct. Having interconnected canals all through Milan made the landlocked city more accessible to the rest of the world. Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese are some of the few canals to still be visible in this modern day and age. Many restaurants and cafés have also come up around them, which has also brought this area to life.

Immerse yourself in Isola

Walk through the neighbourhood of Isola and check out the street art. Most of the street art is reportedly commissioned by locals. You can really make a day of it here as you explore the fashion boutiques and thrift stores. There are also cosy cafes in green courtyards.

Check out the skyline from Duomo

Milan’s Duomo is more than just a beautiful church. This breathtaking Gothic cathedral is a work of art. Construction for this building reportedly began in the 14th century and took about hundreds of years to complete. There is much to see inside the cathedral. However, the real magic is at the top. This landmark is also located in the heart of the city. Take the stair or elevator to check out some magnificent views of the skyline, which is forever changing.

Take in the beauty of Sforzesco Castle

There was a time when Sforzesco Castle in Milan was one of the biggest citadels in all of Europe. It dates back to the 15th century. During your visit to this beautiful castle, you can check out gorgeous artworks and relics, as well as museums. Take the time to walk through the courtyards and take in the history. When you want to take a break and unwind, head to the back gate which will take you into one of the most beautiful parks in Milan called Parco Sempione.

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