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Travel Tips: Planning a workation in COVID times

Months after people were forced to stay and work from home for so long, the idea of Workation allowed people to mix work with leisure. Here’s all you need to know about workation in the COVID world

Many of us are stuck in day-to-day monotony by following the same routine every day without any break as we are working remotely from our homes for many months due to the prevailing COVID situation. With new work-from-home norms being set up, workations are on the rise in India and around the world. Workation allows you to take off from your stationary workplace so that you can work remotely from your favourite travel destination.

Workation has now become more popular in the current pandemic situation. With the ease in travel rules and regulation post-Unlock 1.0 in India, the hospitality industry opened up their services for travel enthusiasts who want to relocate for some time to a workation destination, ensuring all COVID related safety measures.

Go through this guide to know about the things you need to consider before planning a workation.

#Rule 1- Plan your workation in advance

If you are planning to go on a workation, plan everything wisely, including the duration of your stay, destination and budget. The most sought-after workation destinations in India are in states like Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Uttarakhand, where the property-owners ensure proper hygiene standards and digital connectivity for the travellers to provide a conducive environment for work.

#Rule 2-Select the right accommodation

It is an essential rule for travellers to follow who are going on a workation. The place where you will stay plays a prominent role in ensuring your productivity at work. Here’s a list that you need to consider-

– Good internet connectivity and speed

– Mini workstation space with desk and chair

– Markets and restaurants for take-away food should be easily accessible so that you don’t have to travel far to buy your basic travel necessities.

#Rule 3- Follow all travel & safety protocols

Before planning a workation in India, you need to follow the safety rules and regulations of the state that you are visiting for a hassle-free travel experience. Go through all the pre-requisite health checks and screenings to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay.

#Rule 4 Plan Long stays

Instead of a few days visit, plan extended stays of at least two-six weeks for more stability and ease during your workation. Many hospitality service chains have launched many exciting packages for workation stays at attractive prices that cost between Rs. 25,000 to 2 lakhs depending on the number of days you stay.

#Rule 5 Follow a proper routine

Set up your workation routine and goals that you need to accomplish during your stay. Make a schedule, organize your tasks and plan your day accordingly so that you have some leisure time for yourself every day.

When on a workation, don’t forget to take good care of your health and safety. Try to stay indoors, go for morning or evening walks in green spaces near your accommodation to explore the beauty of the place, eat healthy food, exercise and meditate regularly to stay calm and productive during your stay.

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