Travelling? This is how you can stay fit!

Want to stay fit even on the go, don’t fret and follow these simple steps.

Travel and staying fit at the same time may seem like a tedious job. As vacation is all about fun and creating memories for a lifetime, getting down to exercise may take a toll on our minds. So instead of stressing on the ‘how’, the trick is not to overthink.

Remain active, research a bit

While you hunt down a place with a breathtaking view, keep in mind to check if the place has a gym or activities that will motivate you. Sports Nutritionist and founder of Iron Club Gym, Karan Chopra urges to not skip the workout and take up any activity. “Even if they are short sessions, go for it. Remain active in any form. Take up cycling to travel within the city you are visiting. Prefer walks if the distance is short, it will compensate for the missed workout,” he says.

Whatcha eating?

No, skipping meals is not the ideal way to stay healthy; neither do the experts recommend so. When travelling, Chopra suggests requesting special meals in accordance with your fitness routine. “This helps you to eat good and healthy with exact portions of the required vitamins, carbs, and proteins,” he says.

Best, carry small meals!

“One must carry their own snacks when travelling as this lessens the probability of eating unhealthy. It could be sprouts, bread with peanut butter, dry fruits or even a simple protein bar,” adds Chopra.

The fitness expert further advises on researching about the local delicacies of the place you are travelling to. “Know the local healthy ingredients which you would like to indulge in. This will help you plan your meals in advance. Else once you start feeling hungry, the chances are next to impossible for you to resist anything,” smiles the sports nutritionist.

Stay hydrated

“Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and will also clean up the body and detoxify,” says the expert. Most importantly, do not confuse thirst with hunger.

Keep a track

Keep track of what portion of vitamin and minerals you are consuming. As sometimes we tend to lose track of the carbohydrates, fat, sugar, proteins we have eaten in a day and may disturb the meal plan.

Remember, travel is to unwind from daily life, but it doesn’t mean to ignore your physical well-being. So pack your comfy shoes but keep the travel spirit alive.