Published By: Riya Banerjee

Travelling to Zurich? Here are some of the best things to see and do there!

From chilling on Lake Zurich to seeing the Old Town, there is so much to do there from everyone.

Best known as the banking and financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich is actually so much more than just that. Famous for its chocolate, shopping and of course the stunning views, Zurich has become a tourist hotspot over the years. The famous sights like Lake Zurich and The Old Town offer something for every age group to enjoy. While you can always rely on tours and travels to give you the best sightseeing packages, it is also fun to explore Zurich on your own. Let us tell you all about the best things to see and do while you’re there…

Boat trip on Lake Zurich

There is so much you can do while on your Lake Zurich trip. You can walk around, take a dip and even ride a boat! This moon-shaped lake has a stunning view and it is a must-see sight in Zurich hands down. There are also several cruise options that you can choose from if you want to make a day out of your Lake Zurich tour.

Enjoy a tram ride

It will be a shame if you visit Zurich and don’t experience a tram ride. Buy a ticket, hop in and go around the city on a tram. You can see the old town and the Limmat River on a few of these trams and many more such iconic sights. There are even seasonally themed trams that you can get on to have a different and unique experience.

Breathe in the charm of The Old Town

This is another place in Zurich that no tourist should miss out on. The cobblestone alleyways and the medieval times historic buildings have much history to share if you are all ears! Do not forget to sit in a small café and drink hot chocolate while admitting the old school charm of this part of Zurich.

Shop your heart out

Zurich is especially visited by many for all the luxurious shopping that can be done there. Go to Bahnhofstrasse if you are someone who loves designer items and jewellery. There are several cafes there too that give you a taste of all the Zurich delights!