Published By: Sanjukta

Travelling with senior parents? Here are few things to consider

Rigorous planning and research is needed.

While traveling aging parents can be quite rewarding, it does take a lot of planning. Whether it’s a beach town or up in the mountains, there are quite many things to consider. Proper planning, researching about the place, food, culture, accessibility all factors in while you go travelling with aging parent. Their physical capabilities are quite different from ours and we need to see things from their perspective.

Here are a few tips for travelling with senior parents.

Take care of the medicals

Medical issues can be a bummer, but don't let them get in the way of your travels! Make sure to pack plenty of medication and don’t forget to bring along copies of medical records and a list of medications. Also, get necessary tests done before going for the trip.

Mobility matter

Seniors may have mobility issues, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy your travel plans! Choose activities that are accessible and take into consideration any special needs your parents may have.

Overcrowded travel itinerary is a No-No

Seniors may not be able to keep up with a fast-paced itinerary. Plan for plenty of rest and relaxation and take things at a leisurely pace. Choose the best places to go to in a pace that they are comfortable with.

Choose a comfortable place to stay

When booking a hotel, make sure there is a working elevator for easy accessibility by your senior parents. Before booking, do enough research about the hotel and the infrastructure around.

Prepare for the temperature

Seniors are more susceptible to extreme temperatures. While choosing the place to visit, make sure to plan accordingly for the weather and choose activities that are appropriate for the climate. You should also know that the temperature might not be what you expected. Pack extra cloths just to be sure.

Super Travel Insurance

Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical expenses, trip cancellations, and unforeseen circumstances.

Extra Support

If your parents require additional support or have special needs, make sure to plan accordingly. This may include arranging for wheelchair assistance or extra support during the trip.

Have a pre-travel checkup

It is always safe to do for a checkup with the doctor to see if your senior parents are well enough to travel. It is also better to consult the doctor by providing them information about the place you’re travelling to. That way you can get a green light or be advised of necessary precautions to take.

Stay Connected

It's important to stay connected with your elderly parents during the trip. Make sure they have a phone or other means of communication in case of an emergency.