Published By: Sougata Dutta

Triathlon: Everything about the multidisciplinary sport

Triathlon is a more challenging version of the classic marathon running.

Triathlon is not only about running but a combination of three well known cardio events such as running, swimming and cycling. It is the ultimate challenge for fitness freaks and endurance athletes. The first triathlon event consisted of a run, bicycling and a canoe segment. It originated in France then gained popularity and spread around the world. In modern triathlons, canoeing is replaced with swimming and the first event was held in 1974 in California.

Preparation: The Basics

Triathlon is indeed far more challenging that regular marathons. An athlete has to go through a lot of hardship and endurance building challenges to be confident In Front of the huge pressure of the event. You have to be good at everything. Running, swimming and bi-cycling; every one of them throws an immense challenge to the athlete and there are no boundaries of your practice. It requires consistency, dedication and tremendous mental and physical agility to stand firm in this field.

Swimming: The Starter

As the event starts with swimming, you should conserve your energy and avoid vigorous movements. Using the flow of water and facing it in the most efficient way is the trick. Drafting gives some kind of advantages here. Dolphin kicking and diving may assist you too. You can not use any floating aid or swimming aids in this part. The swimming distances are set as age groups and difficulty levels.

Cycling: The Main Course

Using an aerodynamic cycle, you have to cover the largest part of the triathlon. This is the time you would like to make a difference from others and at the same time you have to keep your muscles relaxed for running. Every part of the cycle is made such that the athlete feel least air resistance and spare the muscle group needed for running.

Running: The Dessert

Here comes the running part which is not different from regular marathons. There is only one difference though; You are already exhausted after swimming and cycling. Running will now squeeze out your remaining energy giving you the utmost physical and mental challenge. You will be competing yourself rather than others. This is where dedication and determination speak loudly. Just gather your guts and complete the race.

Events: Worldwide Popularity

There have been many triathlon events organised in the world. From the kids' category to the Ironman Triathlon, it has gained too much popularity with time. If you are preparing for one, believe in yourself and keep working on yourself.