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Tricks To Make Your Windows Look Bigger

It’s time you give your window frame a second thought.

Windows are one of the things that get neglected while you are designing your space. We mean, you have window for the light and the air to flow in and what more could you want out of that, right? Well, windows have a great deal to do with how you can make your space look bigger. Bigger windows make your space look big while smaller windows make it look crammed and tight. However, if you already have small windows which cannot be replaced, you can make them seem bigger to make your space look bigger and brighter. Here are a few tips to make your windows look bigger.

There Are No Rules For The Curtains Height And Width

You can use your curtains to create the illusion of a bigger window frame. Contrary to what people believe, you don’t always have to put up curtains that match your window frame measure by measure. You can manipulate the width and the height of the window by playing with the length and the breadth of the curtains. Install ling drapes of curtains from the ceiling to the floor to give a more elongated look to your window. In order increase the appearance of the breadth of the window use curtain rods that extend the window frame. Doing this would create the illusion that your window is actually bigger than what it really is.

Layering The Window Curtains Will Extend The Look Of The Window

You can make your windows look broader if you layer your curtains. The best way to do this would be to use two shades and types of fabric on your curtain layers. Keep a thick and dark colour fabric that hangs from the ceiling to the roof on the extreme sides of the window. For the inner sides of the window, use curtains that are sheer and of a lighter shade. The play of the light on the different types of curtain layers would make your window look bigger.

Lower Furniture To Make Windows Appear Taller

What you use to furnish the room could do a great deal for small windows. If you have small windows, keep furniture that are lower in height near the window. The difference in height of the furniture and the window would make the window look taller and bigger and you’ll be sorted.

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