Trip To Italy: The Best Amalfi Coast Towns To Visit

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is the perfect eye candy you have been looking for and here are its most stunning towns!

If you are planning a visit to the Amalfi Coast of Italy, your eyes are in for a treat! The beautiful coastline has the Mediterranean Sea hugging the mountains with beautiful little villages scattered on the coast. The scenery of this place is absolutely breathtaking and is quite popular among artists and filmmakers for shooting purposes as well. Take some time to stay at the Amalfi Coast instead of just going for a drive along the coastline. Here are some of the most beautiful town in the Amalfi Coast that will not let you take your eyes off them!

Furore Is An Underrated Destination Among Travellers

Not many people know about Furore, but you will be missing out a great deal on the beauty of this little town if you don’t visit it at least once in your lifetime. It is not a very popular destination and would, therefore, make a great getaway for people who want a little quiet and solitude. Furore is located on between Positano and Amalfi and has total population of only 800 people. The place is spread out across a vertical mountain stretch right above the Mediterranean Sea. The major attraction in Furore is the Fiordo that presents a beautiful cluster of the houses of the village fishermen clinging together at the side of the rocky Mountain. The best time to visit Furore would be in the summer when you can also witness the International Diving Championship.

Vietri sul Mare Would Mark Your First Sight Of The Amalfi Coast

Vietri sul Mare is a small town that is located right at the edge of the Amalfi Coast. Depending on where you are entering the Amalfi coast from, it could be either the first or the last town on your journey. This exactly why the locals call Vietri sul Mare to be “first pearl of the Amalfi”. This beautiful town is the hub for colourful ceramics and you can get some for yourself while you are at it.

Praiano Is A Place For Relaxing

Located in between Positano and Amalfi, Praiano is a beautiful town that is popular summer destination on the Amalfi Coast. This spectacular town has beautiful cafes and churches for satiating your thirst for both relaxation and rich culture and history.

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