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TV shows based on Paris that will make you fall in love with the city!

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places around the world and movies and TV’s have for years done justice to its beauty too.

Paris has for years been an inspiration for several filmmakers, authors and story-writers. The beauty of the city is so much so that it not only makes the tourists fall in love with it, but also the ones who watch it on the small or big screens. Movies like From Amélie to Ratatouille have already given inspiration to many to visit the city but nowadays even TV shows are showing interest in making the city as their backdrop. Recently the Netflix show Emily in Paris has been successful in bringing up the spotlight on the city and we have a list of similar TV shows for you to binge on! So read on…

Emily in Paris

There is a reason why this series became incredibly famous once it came to Netflix. An American girl comes to Paris for work and falls in love with the city one day at a time. If you too are set to move to Paris for a longish period or are going for a long holiday, this is a must watch. From the beautiful Parisian backdrops to the fashion and of course the food, Emily in Paris has it all for you.

Call My Agent

Another extremely famous series, Call My Agent is based on and filmed in Paris. You will see some spectacular cinematography and visuals of Paris which you may not have ever seen! If you want to see the raw Paris as it is, this one is the show to binge watch. The characters of the series feel extremely real and relatable as well along with the image of the city.

The Eddy

If you can associate one thing with Paris, it has to be music! This musical drama stars André Holland and brings out a very fresh look of the city. So much so that you might even feel the complexities of Paris almost as if you were present there!

Find Me in Paris

If you are in the mood for some teenage drama, this one has to be on your watch list! It shows how beautiful life in Paris can be for anyone and everyone!

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