TV shows from the 80s which still continues to have the same popularity

TV channels and online streaming platforms are getting back on track with some of the best shows from the 80s!

Entertainment industry reached its peak during the 80s, be it in terms of producing excellent TV shows, movies or any form of content! If you are an 80s guy, you will definitely remember the number of sitcoms, perfect family shows and movies that the era produced and to a surprise, the contents are being brought back to streaming platforms and TV channels to strike back with all the nostalgia and goodness from the yesteryear. From crime shows to sitcoms, the 80s had no shortage of content to spread love and laughter! Let’s take a look back to some of the most popular 80s TV shows which are still gaining popularity and love from people around the world.

Seinfeld- a rollercoaster journey of situation comedy

Seinfeld was one of the greatest sitcoms ever to be aired on TV, and surprisingly, this was perhaps one of those shows which inspired and influenced several other television programs as well. Broadcasted between 1989-1998, the sitcom captured all the hilarious misadventures in the life of Jerry Seinfield and friends Elaine, George and Kramer. The sitcom made its comeback for the 80s generation people to strike with nostalgic moments yet again!

Wiseguy- one of the most popular crime drama

Wiseguy upon its first broadcasting appearance in 1987 as crime based TV show, created some best Television Rating Points for the producers. The story entails the journey of an undercover agent Vinnie Terranova who takes a toll on organized crimes in the country while staying aloof from his family and friends who are unknown of his dangerous job. The show is still remembered for its best take on organized crime scenes happening in the US back in the era. The show ran nearly 3 years between 1987-1990, and won some best best awards of the era such as “Golden Globe”. Wiseguy recently made its ways through several TV channels and online streaming platforms where it’s literally being tagged as “80s Best”

Wonder Years- A coming-of-age drama

Broadcasted between 1988-1993, Wonder Years was kind of a new take on adolescence with all the sides of humour, friendship, hard times, and an experience of life all together. The story begins with Kevin, who recalls his growing up years during the late 60s and early 70s and how he lived his teenage life and his transformation into an adult amidst all the suburban middle-class family dramas. The show which once had an influence over other television programmes and lives of quite a many has made a comeback in the recent years through multiple online streaming platforms and some TV Channels.

Apart from these popular 80s TV shows, several other sitcoms, movies and drama series are being added to major streaming platforms and channels nowadays with increased demands from the audience. 


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