Twitter marketing tips you need to know

Scroll below for tips on including Twitter in your marketing strategy.

Using social media effectively if a powerful tool to expand and increase reaches for your business. And while you might have an Instagram and Facebook page, Twitter is equally important but also more difficult.

With more than 7,000 tweets sent every second, the shelf life of a tweet is four times shorter than a Facebook post. Therefore, it is easy to get lost in the crowd and you need techniques to make yourself stand out.

Below we give you powerful Twitter marketing tips to follow.

  • Spend time on your profile

Don’t just launch your Twitter profile without putting some thought into your username, bio and photo. Paying attention to these things build trust and makes the right perception of your brand. Your username should be simple enough for people to remember. Spend time on the bio, as it is the first point of contact for potential followers.

  • Keep content unique

Followers will get bored with your social media if they see the same content from your Instagram and Facebook account on your Twitter. Each social media channel has its set of unique characteristics and you should dip into that. Build a unique strategy for Twitter, which includes a mix of posts, pictures and links.

  • Use Twitter for engagement

Do not use Twitter for only selling your products. The platform is also about targeting potential customers, engaging and interacting with them through non-commercial content. You should be using the platform to attract customers instead of forcing them to buy your product or service.

  • Twitter chats

The best way to grow the right followers is by joining and participating in Twitter chats. Twitter has chats for almost every topic and participants use it to make lasting connections with people and brands. These valuable followers will stir conversations around your brand and help amplify your message. Thus, follow new people, actively reply and participate in chats and keep building the relationship after the chat has ended.

  • Adapt your content

You do not always need to follow your social media calendar. Twitter is a place where commenting on trending topics and timely world events will help you stand out and show that your brand cares for more than the product or service. However, be mindful of sensitive situation and pause any scheduled tweets that might hurt sentiments.

With proper planning, your Twitter strategy is guaranteed to build an audience for you and help expand the business.

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