Two-Day San Francisco Travel Itinerary

A kaleidoscopic view composed of breathtaking miniature images, San Francisco is the dream of a lifetime!

San Francisco is a precious intermingling of cuisine, pleasant climate and vibrant culture. Your itinerary to explore San Francisco beyond its shopping districts and throbbing nightlife culture.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is brimming with fun activities. The area adjacent is replete with lush greenery spanning across 82,027 acres of land, from Siticon Valley to Tamales Bay. The park is an amazing opportunity to let go of the blues and roll and relish for a while. Nearby, Tennessee Valley trail is a secret hiking route tucked away in glorious ruins and beach. After a pleasant ride over the bridge, revive your taste buds at the nearby cafes.

Palace of Fine Arts

The fine, exquisite dome of the Palace has its distinct charm which is accentuated by manifold when you view it amidst the lush green surroundings dotted by the calming blues of the sky and waterfront. Designed by Bernard Maybeck, the site covers a whopping 635 acres of sheer beauty and nature’s untainted luxury. The building is perhaps one of the finest specimens of Roman and Greek architecture. Its greatest appeal is the Weeping Women mysteriously poised on top of the colonnades – a view that has puzzled visitors through ages.

Tour in the Cable Cars

The cable cars traverse through the picturesque hills and meadows and offer a prolific opportunity to navigate through the ruins and modern glories of the city. San Francisco’s historic cable cars aptly symbolise the heritage and fond nostalgia of the city. A fun ride through the major intersections and alleyways, cable cars provide ample immersive indulgences into the local culture and touristy vibe that resonates so beautifully. You can easily obtain a map to chart the detailed routes of the cable cars operating to plan your sightseeing and rendezvous accordingly. Cable Car Museum hosts a meticulous history of the city’s extravagant ride.


Hiking trails are found in aplenty. The routes are bathed in massive popularity for the serene bayside views and the mystery of redwood forests that lend a strange sense of tranquillity to soothe the day’s exhaustion. Few quintessentially well-known hiking areas are Marin Headlands, San Francisco Presidio, Point Bonita Lighthouse and Tennessee Valley. The Valley is surreptitious in the way the tall redwoods climb and the canopies form a soothing shadow below. Meandering through the trails, tourists are blessed with the views of creeks, sandy beaches, islands, surrounding foothills and ocean.

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