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Type 3C Hair: How To Care For It

Extra care must be taken with your 3C hair type. But are you giving your ringlets the TLC they deserve? Read on to know all.

Do you know your hair type and use the appropriate products and techniques for styling and cutting it?If you responded “no” or “you aren’t sure,” then have no fear.We’ve compiled an extensive resource covering every aspect of caring for your 3C ringlets.Check out the comprehensive guide below to give your hair the TLC it deserves!

What Is 3C Hair?

Be sure you can genuinely do 3C curls before you start.They could have hair type 3B, 4A, or a hybrid.But to return to your original question: “What is 3C hair?”This type 3 curl, like all others of its kind, exhibits an S-shaped wave structure.Type 3 hair is distinguished by its tightest curls, typically resembling a corkscrew and having in diameter of pencils or a straw.These curls are packed together, giving the hair a lot of thickness and volume but also making it more prone to frizz.

Prescriptions For Proper 3C Haircare

Given that you have identified your hair type, we may go on to discuss maintenance.We have compiled a list of hair care routines professionals recommend based on hair type.Curls take time to develop, but you will see results eventually if you keep at them.If a particular method isn’t producing the desired results, don’t be scared to try something new.

Concentrate On Hydrating Your Hair

The most crucial step in caring for your curly hair is rehydrating it.Due to their natural dryness and frizziness, they require a lot of supplemental moisture.Because of this, it’s imperative that you consistently use a moisturizing lotion on your curly hair.


Conditioning-only washes, or “co-washes,” involve using just conditioner to clean the hair.You shouldn’t be shampooing your hair too often because it is dry and brittle and may easily be damaged by the process.No more often than once a week.It is recommended that you use a founder with a moisturizing conditioner on the days when you wash your 3C hairstyle more than once a week.Your natural curls will be revitalized as moisture is restored.

Stay Away From Sulfates

And to further emphasize the point, your hair is drier than certain other hair types.Using products with added sulfates won’t help and will likely worsen things.They tend to remove your hair’s natural oils, which are somewhat necessary.Always look for the “sulfate-free” label to avoid damaging your hair while purchasing shampoo or other hair care products.

Find The Perfect After-Shower Product

To keep the 3C curls in pristine condition, you should use quality products like a leave-in conditioner, thorough conditioner, hair spray, oil, and cream.

Some suggestions are provided below. However, it is recommended that you try out a few various items before settling on the one that best suits your individual curl pattern.

Refrain From Touching Your Hair

Do not touch your hair unless you recreate a style immediately after a shower, such as when creating a curly hairdo.Increasing fizziness in proportion to handling.That’s unnecessary, by the way.


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