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Type of toxic people and how to avoid them

Knowing your enemy is half the battle won. In the battle for keeping toxic people out of your life, knowing these six different types of toxic personalities will help you identify and remove some joy and energy sapping elements from your life.

The Narcissist

We keep hearing the word narcissist in this age of Facebook and Instagram where people use it to define someone who uploads a lot of their pictures in social media. A true narcissist is so much more than that. They act as if they are the main character of everyone’s life because they actually believe that they are better than everyone around them. They only cares about themselves, lacks empathy and have the habit of making everything all about themselves.

The Controller

As the name suggest, a controller is someone who likes to or at least tries to control everything around them. They fancy themselves as natural leaders and needs to be in charge of every decision. And when they can’t have it their way, they will try to make you feel like you can’t do anything right. In the long run a controller can also get very argumentative and even manipulative.

The Drama Magnet

The common catchphrase of most of Drama Magnets is “I don’t like drama”. But the drama seems to follow them perpetually. In reality they are the one who creates all the drama in the first place. These are the people that feeds off gossip and drama and often puts you in uncomfortable positions.

The Compulsive Liar

Everybody lies from time to time to avoid uncomfortable situations or for various other reasons. But not like a compulsive liar. A compulsive liar is a person who spews out white lies almost constantly. He or she is a master of manipulation and gaslighting. But the most important reason to avoid a compulsive liar is because they are also masters of guilt trips and can potentially ruin your day.

The Energy Vampire

Count Dracula sucked out blood from unsuspecting victims, draining out all their blood and ultimately killing them while energy vampires drain out the energy and thus overwhelms their victims. He or she is someone who will always create problems and feeds on negativity. They only thing an energy vampire is good at is bullying and criticizing.

The Green Eyed

The Green Eyed are the jealous type. They are the one who constantly complains about their own life and will never be happy for other people’s good fortune. In any circumstances a green-eyed person will play the victim card quite effectively. They will even invalidate other people’s feelings just so that they fell better about themselves.

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