Types of CNG Kits

Since most of the people in India possess little knowledge about CNG kits, in this article, we have listed the types of CNG kits available in India

Given the rising petrol prices in the country and the rising pollution of the world, vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) are heading towards extinction. Therefore, every car manufacturer is now focusing on launching as many electric vehicles as possible in the market.

However, since India is a price-sensitive market, even in 2022; a majority of the people cannot afford an electric vehicle. Not to forget, selling their present ICE car is also not a workable option. And that is where a CNG kit comes in.

Importance of this article

For the unversed souls, a CNG kit basically transforms any car into a CNG-powered car. In short, if you have a fuel-driven car, you can transform it into a CNG-powered car by fitting a CNG kit. Since most of the people in India possess little knowledge about CNG kits, in this article, we have listed the CNG kits available in India.

Venturi CNG kit: definition, pros and cos

A venturi CNG kit is a simple form of CNG kit that is extremely cheap. The entire kit can be installed in a car at around INR 30,000-50,000. Less complex than a sequential CNG kit; a venturi kit mixes a certain amount of gas into the intake manifold depending on the throttle input.

Since a venturi kit is less complex, it can be installed in any type of car: carburettor or fuel-injected driven and a vehicle with or without electronic control unit (ECU). These are the advantages of the venturi kit but they also act as disadvantages of the kit.

Venturi kit can only push a limited amount of gas because of which, a vehicle can get stalled or lose acceleration. Not to forget, it requires frequent tuning and cleaning.

Sequential kit: definition, advantages and disadvantages

On any day, a sequential kit is a better option for your car compared to a venturi kit. A sequential kit is almost double the price of a venturi kit but it controls the flow of the gas. Unlike the venturi kit, sequential have injectors and ECU and therefore, the required amount of gas reaches the intake manifold.
The above-mentioned factors help a sequential kit CNG car perform better and churn out more mileage. The only two things that work against sequential kit are price-tag and complex installation procedures.

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