Types of gamers you’ll meet

We’ve all met at least one of them.

There are things that can tell gamers apart. It can be the kind of games they play or the number of hours they put in their gaming, the typical enthusiast for gameplay or the reactions they have.

Gaming culture has evolved a lot on the last two decades. From arcade gaming to 3D games, the transition has been huge. With more games out every year on different platforms, there has also been an increase in the number of people who play video games. While some choose to go all-in with getting a gaming system, some find phones more convenient.

No matter the platform or the type of games, there are certain kind of gamers we have all met in our lives. That one friend who quits the game after losing a round or that cousin who is always good at any game they play. Here are the kind of gamers we have all met.

The hardcore: Hardcore gamers eat, drink, sleep, walk games – they are really into playing video games. Mostly found in their gaming lair, hardcore gamers only see daylight when they really need to. They love their games a lot. A lot.

The rage quitter: Ah, the rage quitter. Things not going their way? They leave the game. Downed in the first round? They quit. Other team playing better? Time to rage quit. Basically, their answer to anything displeasing them is rage quitting.

The competitive one: The competitive gamer turn everything into a competition, even a match with friends. They can turn a fun game like Animal Crossing into a competitive game.

The casual gamer: We could all be casual gamers. Casual gamers play just for the fun aspects of a game. They tend to be on their game in their free time.

The backseater: The backseat gamer who tells you what you could have done better in the game is possibly an annoyance to many. Telling people what to do or asking questions and giving people unasked feedback is the crux of their whole experience.

The salty one: The gamer that gets salty or bitter after losing a round or two. They might have given their best but lost, nonetheless. The loss turns them into a bitter person, though temporarily and go on to point out the reasons why they may have lost.

The spender: We all know that one gamer who has all the new skins, new weapons, new levels unlocked because they have spent a lot of currency on getting their games (and everything in it) up to date.

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