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Types Of Houses You Can Spot In Thailand: What Makes Them Distinctive

In Thailand, the houses range from simple country houses (ruenkruengpook) to large wooden mansions (ruenkrueng sab) of wealthier people.

The traditional Thai house, like other houses in Southeast Asia, is a wooden structure raised on posts. Over many centuries it has acquired a unique style. The distinguishing marks of Thai houses involve elegantly tapering roofs and various finials and decorations that differ regionally. However, residential properties in the country are now categorized into six different styles both for rent and sale. Let us have a look at six common types of Thai houses that you can easily spot across the country.

Single Detached House

A single-detached house usually constitutes a two-stories building fitted with two to three bedrooms and bathrooms, one living room, and one kitchen. Privacy is assured owing to its wide space. A villa is a spacious and commonly luxurious property included in this group. It sits in a large plot of land surrounded by some type of nature.

Twin House or Semi-Detached House

The Twin House looks like and has features like that of a Single House, but it has a shared wall on one side. This type of house is not very popular in Thailand, so it may be difficult for you to spot.

Town Home or Town House

A townhome or townhouse is a row of houses that are joined by a shared wall. This kind of residential property has a more luxurious and modern design than a semi-detached house. Townhouses can also be fitted with more features; therefore, prices are higher. They can rise to three to four floors and have one to two parking lots. This housing type is very popular in Thailand, especially in the most important cities, like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.

Home Office

A home office is almost the same as a townhome, but the building is used as a living plus working area and includes parking slots for customers. Over four floors it may be considered as a commercial building. Some normal residential projects in Thailand do not allow to be used for commercial purposes, so “Home Office” may be the right answer for those who are looking for a place to live and work.

Apartment or Flat

An apartment is a rental room in a residential building, which has only one owner. The rental fee is of moderate scale targeting from office workers to college students. The room may be equipped with some basic appliances, like a closet, bed, washing machine, and sofa.

Condominium (Condo)

A condominium in Thailand is an individually owned room in a residential building that is sold by a property development company. Therefore, you can rent or purchase the condominium from an agent or owner. A Thai Condo has a kitchen, but it may be not equipped with the amenities depending on the promotion from the company.

It is essential to note that foreigners do not have the permit to own a house in their name in Thailand. You can lease the house, or you have to register at the Thai Limited Company, and then you can use the company to own a property.


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