Types of Khichdi people make in India

Khichdi is part of staple diet of Indians. It is a simple dish which is loved by many in different parts of the country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there are different versions of khichdi available. Let’s talk about them.

India is a culturally rich country which has a diverse culture. The country is known for its different traditions, ideologies, myths and other things. It is a well-known fact that language and dialect in the country changes after every 100 miles. It is then not surprising to notice the trend in the food industry and dishes. In India, you will find different versions of the same dish based on the geographical location. Let’s find out how many types of Khichdi are available in the country and their benefits.

Easily digestible

Khichdi, in many areas are prepared without using spices and hence it is easy to digest. Even in hospitals, it is given as the first semi solid meal to a patient recovering from a disease or a surgery. Khichdi is light on the stomach and prevents any kind of gastric problem.

Easy to make

Khichdi is an instant meal. You can make it in few minutes and with less ingredients. All you need is water, pulses and rice and bam – your Khichdi can be ready in few minutes. In the era of instant noodles which are bad for your health, khichdi provides you with nutrition.

North Indian Khichdi

The khichdi made in Delhi, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh is quite similar to each other. It is a simple khichdi made with either moong or urad pulses and rice. This khichdi is served with curd or ghee and is a staple dish of many North Indians.

Rajasthani Khichdi

Rajasthani Khichdi has spicy taste to it. It is made with bajra instead of rice and is usually served with papad. Rajasthan is a place which is quite famous for their dal and Khichdi which are served with dollops of desi ghee. Rajasthani khichdi is delicious to eat and it gives the required energy to the body.

Andhra Khichdi

If you think Andhra Pradesh is only famous for their Biryani, then you are wrong. The Khichdi made by people of this beautiful state is no less than other khichdis available, in terms of taste and nutrition. Andhra khichdi has a slightly tangy taste into it because it is made with tomatoes and imli, which brings a unique flavour in the dish. It is then served with a tangy pickle which further enhances the taste of the dish.

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