Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Types of men's bag and ways to style them

Say goodbye to the past when men had to carry heavy wallets and cluttered pockets. 

Nowadays, men's bags have become a crucial aspect of contem­porary fashion by combining functi­onality and style. We are here to help you with your style. Come check these different types of men's bags and share creative tips on how to incor­porate them into your wardrobe, adding a touch of versa­tility to your personal style.

The Classic Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is a classic and versatile accessory that can be effortlessly incorp­orated into both profes­sional and casual outfits. With its single shoulder strap and flap closure, this timeless favourite exudes functi­onality and style. For a smart-casual look, pair the messenger bag with a comfo­rtable pair of jeans and a stylish butto­n-down shirt. If you're heading to the office, wear it across your suit for a sophisticated contemporary business ensemble.

The Trusty Backpack

Backpacks have evolved beyond being funct­ional acces­sories for school or hiking trips. They have now become a trendy staple in men's fashion. A stylish leather or canvas backpack can effort­lessly compl­ement both casual and semi-formal outfits. Pair it with a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers to achieve a relaxed urban vibe.

The Dapper Duffle Bag

For a stylish travel look on weekend getaways or short trips, consider using a leather or canvas duffle bag. Pair it with well-fitted chinos, a crisp white shirt, and loafers for a trendy look.

The Cool Crossbody Bag

The popul­arity of crossbody bags has soared due to their conve­nient functi­onality and contem­porary aesth­etic. For a laid-back yet fashi­onable appea­rance, drape the bag diago­nally across your body. Pair it with slim-fit jeans, a trendy graphic tee, and a pair of sneakers to achieve a chic stree­twear look.

The Compact Sling Bag

Sling bags are a conve­nient and funct­ional choice for indiv­iduals who prefer carrying only the essen­tials. They can easily be styled with casual outfits such as shorts, a comfo­rtable shirt, and sneakers, creating a hassle-free and fashi­onable look for any day out.

The Sporty Gym Bag

Gym bags have evolved beyond their tradi­tional use for just the gym. Nowadays, you

can choose a sleek and minim­alist gym bag that perfectly compl­ements your athle­isure style. Pair it with joggers, a hoodie, and some athletic sneakers to create a sporty and comfo­rtable outfit.

Bags for men have trans­formed from practical acces­sories to must-have fashion items that elevate your style. Whether you're going to work, embarking on a weekend trip, or doing everyday tasks, there's a bag for every occasion. Try out diverse bag styles to see how they can enhance your wardrobe and overall appea­rance. Feel free to mix and match, and remember that confi­dence is the secret ingre­dient to effort­lessly rocking any bag. So go ahead, choose a men's bag that perfectly suits your style and make a state­ment!