Types of relative you will find in every desi family

You love them, you hate them, but in the end, you just can’t avoid them.

Indian families are the size of a small country. Seriously, the list of bua’s, chachi’s, mami’sis endless. No wonder in any wedding our guest list goes up to1000 people. Sometimes you feel that you meet a new relative in every family gathering, and it never seems to end. Often, we wonder about the sheer size and magnitude of our extended family. But there are certain types of relative that you will find in every desi family, from annoying matrimonial chachi’s and mausi’s to adorable dadi and nani, who get mortified at the sight of your torn jeans.

Mausi’s and chachi’s, who just want to get you married.

There is a group of aunties in your family whose sole purpose in life is to get all unmarried girls and guys married. They are always, always matchmaking. May it be weddings, religious gathering, even on cremation grounds, they would never stop. They would always pester your parents regarding your age and how you will not find good Rishta.

The Showoffs

Although ninety percent of relatives in a desi family are show-offs,there are many whose main goal in life is to show how well off and rich they are. They would brag about anything under the sun, their new designer purchase, their foreign holidays and whatnot.

Beta, how was your result?

And then there are tayaji’s and fufaji who are always after your results. They would ask you about your grades at the worst moment possible and then compare it with their own son’s / daughter’s grade. They are the type of relative you would call you once a year, just to know about your grades.

Cousins, who are closer to you than your own siblings.

And then there are cousins, who you love, more than anything. You literally look forward to summers, winters and all the function where you all would be together, and madness begins. The giggling, the pranks on others, the sharing of secrets, your life is better when they are with you.

The NRI’s

We all have some hotshot NRI relatives who live in Canada, U.S and once in 5 years; you get to see them. Your parents are incredibly proud to be associated with them, and you look forward to their visit just to get your hands on the goodies they bring for you.

They drive you crazy sometimes, but in the end, family is everything.

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