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Types of roommates you will meet in college dorms

Roommates comes in al temperaments and personalities

College offers tons of experiences. Living with new people is one of them. A vital untaught life skill that comes with college is living with different arrays of people we know as roommates.

In roommates we get people we are compatible with, sometimes hard to live with, and sometimes its easy, other times not so much.

Here are the types of roommates you will meet in college dorms.

The one who studies

Hermione Granger in living flesh, this roommate will be keeping up with studies pretty much every day. We lovingly call them nerds.

The Complaint buff

We hate those who finds out every little rule break and rats out other dormmates. No one really likes them and keeps plans under wraps from them.

The social butterfly

The person who knows of and everyone knows them. They socialize with everyone and likes being around people

The one who always stays in the room

We all have that too. The one who never goes out. If you want to spending time with them, you have to visit them in their room.

The one who is messy

Week old takeout packets, unwashed dishes, pile of dirty clothes on the chair, this kind will lose their things in the mess and probably go on a cleaning spree on fine morning to mess it up the very next day

The neat one

Contrary to the messy one, the neat freak will regularly clean their room and organize their stuff.

The passive-aggressive one

The one who smiles in your face but act passive aggressive instead of openly talking about what’s bothering them.

The one who doesn’t know how to take care of themselves

First time out of the home, they barely know how to do basic chores by themselves and still figuring out how to change their bedsheets.

The one who loves to party

You’d find always find them at any party in and around campus. A mix of a social butterfly they love meeting new people. And parties.

The awesome cook

Every time you smell fresh cooking aroma, you know they are doing their magic. We have all asked for a bite and they love to share.

The one who has all the classroom notes

Let’s be honest: There’s always the one who diligently takes notes all semester and everyone flocks to them when exam time is near.

The gossip gang

Loves to share gossip at the dinner table and always has the juiciest bit of information around campus. Judge them all you want, but everyone likes a good gossip.

The fashion star

Impeccable taste in clothes and every bit of clothing looks good on them.


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